Second Grade - Mrs. Millares 

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Week of May 21-25, 2018

**ALL Spelling and Vocabulary home learning MUST be completed in the Home Learning notebook.**

Things to Review:

  • Comprehension Skill: main idea/key details
  • Comprehension Strategy: reread
  • Vocabulary Strategy:Greek and Latin roots
  • Reading Genre: informational text
  • Writing Genre: informative
  • Grammar: adverbs
  • Spelling Skill: Cnsonant + le (-el, -al) syllables 
 Language Arts
Read 30 Minutes (Write it on your log!)

Spelling Menu
1.Reading iReady 30 Minutes  (Write it on your log!)  

2. Practice Book P. 271
Read 30 Minutes (Write it on your log!)  
Cursive Worksheet
Practice Book P. 273-276

*Don't forget to write your math iReady on your log, too!
1. MyOn 30 Minutes (Write it on your log!)  

2. Cold Read Worksheet

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Ch. 25-30 Test is today!