Second Grade - Mrs. Millares 

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Spelling and Vocabulary Words

Spelling Words
Spelling Skill:  Consonant +le (-el, -al) Syllables 
*Spelling Test will be on Thursday, May 31st.  

 Vocabulary Words
*Unit 6.3 Vocabulary Quiz will be on Friday, THURSDAY May 31st.  

1. towel

2. critical

3. travel

4. local

5. example

6. table

7. candle

8. usual

9. tunnel

10. single

11. cattle

12. prickle

Enrichment Words:
13. vehicle
14. spindle
15. article 


Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

 Chapters 25-30

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Ch. 25-30 test will be on Friday, May 25th.