Second Grade - Mrs. Millares 

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Spelling and Vocabulary Words

Spelling Words

Spelling Test will be on Thursday, February 15th.

 Vocabulary Words

Unit 4.4 Vocabulary Quiz will be on Friday, March 2.

Spelling Skill: 

Spelling Skill: r-controlled vowels (ir, eer, ere, ear)

1. tear
2. spear
3. beard
4. fear
5. steer
6. peer
7. nearby
8. cheer
9. clear
10. pioneer
11. career
12. volunteer

Enrichment Words:  

13. engineer

14. adhere

15. clearly


Because of Winn-Dixie

Because of Winn-Dixie Ch. 11-15 Test will be on Friday, February 23rd.

1. trembling : uncontrollable shaking

2. imitated: copied; mimicked; acted like

3. pathological: unusually strong or extreme

(For example, a pathological liar is someone who is an extreme liar.)

4. ignorant: uneducated

5. barreling: running at a high speed

6. terrorized: very scared